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prescott-dentist-officeWelcome to the dental practice of Dr Jason Campbell DDS, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, located in Prescott, Arizona. We are a full service oral health care facility. Our friendly staff is well trained and waiting to help you. Because we are a family dental practice, we are ready to help you and your children with the simplest of treatments, like restoring decayed teeth and treating gum issues such as gingivitis.

For individuals with more complicated dental needs, we also offer complex dental services such as Dental Implants, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Smile Makeovers, and Periodontal Therapy.

Our hygiene department has been specially trained to treat and maintain troubling periodontal issues, such as periodontal bone loss.  We are a progressive office and employ state of the art equipment, such as digital x-rays and the ability to create same day crowns, veneers and porcelain fillings in our office.

For us, dentistry goes far beyond flossing and fillings. We use a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach to solve complicated and debilitating cases, and bridge gaps in medical care. We can even call on ear, nose and throat specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, neurologists, massage therapists and others.

Dr. Campbell, who has been in general dentistry for 12 years, has developed the Advanced Prosthetic Institute, which creates the setting for a unique relationship with dental and healthcare specialists who are collaborating and keeping costs down. For details, go to the API Website.

We value our patients and want the best for their care.  We use only the highest quality dental labs and dental materials.  Silver fillings are placed rarely and only when requested specifically by our patients.  We use only high noble, non reactive metals in our crowns, but typically opt for more aesthetic materials like zirconia/porcelain crowns and bridges.

We understand that oral health care can be financially straining and we want to meet your need.  Therefore we strictly emphasize a conservative, preventive approach to your care.  After all, prevention is the most cost effective care you can receive and will help you keep your teeth in the process.  We have realized patients do not come to our practice to find out what’s wrong, but seek our care for reassurance of what is being done right.  We feel patient education and teamwork is an essential part of successful oral health care, and we are committed to you and your family’s long term health.

Finding a health care provider you feel comfortable with is not always an easy task.

We welcome the more baffling and complicated cases as a challenge. Dr. Campbell was born with a genetic disorder that prevented his body from developing all 32 teeth, so he understands what it’s like to suffer from the social and physical pain of a serious dental health condition. After full-mouth reconstruction at the age of 27, he understands how life-changing treatment and rehabilitation can be

It is easy, due to the complexities of marketing and advertising, coupled with the vast varieties of oral health tools and products available, to become confused about what products and routines are the most clinically effective to avoid dental issues. That is where the advice and direction of your health care provider become valuable assets in the fight against dental issues. It has always been our primary focus to make sure patients have a clear understanding of causative factors of dental issues and an even clearer understanding of the right products and routines to specifically prevent the potential oral and dental issues that they are at greatest risk for.

Through this care approach, we have been able to help many individuals with long histories of plaguing dental problems to successfully manage and stabilize their oral health, in a meaningful way. “Prevention is king!” While prevention requires a proactive mindset, the benefits are huge. Prevention and early detection of dental issues ultimately translate into reduced trauma to teeth and gums, prolonged life of teeth and a marked decrease in lifetime dental expense. 

We feel confident that with time, we can win your trust, and before long you will feel like part of our dental family.  We invite you to experience the comfort of our office.  Please call for a personal tour and orientation of our dental office in Prescott..